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Vivid Toy Group is one of the UK's largest toy and game manufactures. We were approached to help bring to life some of their flagship brands. This first of these was girls toy, My Friend Cayla.

Project Description

My Friend Cayla is an internet connected girls doll, who literally has millions of things to say! We designed and developed Cayla’s marketing site which needed to be lively and fun but also act as a resource for parents who required help understanding how the doll works. Cayla was tipped by Hamley’s and the national press to be the most popular girls toy of Christmas 2014 and was reviewed by national TV shows.

Cayla works fantastically across devices which was a big consideration when working on the project. As most site traffic arrives from iPads we had to ensure performance was high and heavy loading animations were offset to avoid any performance issues.

Our goals were to give Cayla a website presence and to provide parents with a website that communicated the necessary information about the product. Cayla featured clear routes of access to retailer websites to help assist any potential customers with purchase options.