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Brand Identity

It all starts with a brand identity - that unique mark that sets you apart from the rest.


Web design & UX

A brand needs a home. We create informed, engaging user interfaces and experiences.


Digital Marketing

We think of disruptive ways to increase traffic to your site by connecting the digital and physical worlds.



Everything we do for you is backed up by our proactive flexible support service.

“Shell Solutions provide a fast and flexible development team that produced excellent results. They are really easy to work with and often provide new and innovative solutions.”

Don Henderson - Digital Strategist, 13 Box.

Brand Identity

Whether you’re a new start up or an established company looking for a brand refresh you probably need similar things. A strong, recognisable brand which tells a story, reflects your beliefs and gets your message over to your customers clearly.

To provide you with the perfect image, we immerse ourselves in what you’re trying to achieve, your organisation and the way you do business to get a deep rich feel for who you are. Only once we know that can we begin on sculpting out the prefect brand for you.


Web design UI / UX

Often your customer’s first experience of your company is through your website, you need to make it count.

We create beautiful engaging experiences for your customers. An experience that tells your story whilst gently leading them through the information they need in order to make them your customer.

We do this by researching your users before prototyping the website, working through the content hierarchy with you to define how the content should be structured and intertwine this with the most enjoyable user experience.

Using all this information we can create the perfect website for your needs.

“Shell Solutions have been such a pleasurable team to work with. They have the ability to listen to, suggest and implement ideas and have consistently pushed the limits of what we thought was possible.”

David Weir – Weir Partners

Digital Marketing

Marketing through social media alone is good, but is it disruptive enough to set you apart from your competitors? We believe that mixing the digital and physical worlds offers brands a unique way of connecting with their customers on a deeper level.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing campaign that's a little more engaging / disruptive get in touch.

We can take the germ of an idea and turn it in to a reality for you.



To a lot of agencies, the launch of a new website is the end of the relationship with the customer, to us it’s just the start.

We have supported clients like The Co-operative for over 5 years because we truly value the long-term relationship with our clients. And they value the range of tools and services we provide to them.

Things like the Shell Solutions support hub where we monitor the health of all services our customers use, help develop new features and provide strategic advice on the direction their website should take.

To our clients we are their outsourced digital team.

You’re in good hands